Coaching & Collaboration ...

Taking, Making, Marketing & Sharing

TAKING - How you can Capture Better Wildlife Photos

Photoshop won't fix bad photos!  Great images start with great capture.  I can help you dramatically improve your wildlife photos through coaching on:

  • Where to go and when
  • What to look for in settings
  • Best camera, lens & flash settings
  • How to shoot & capture "The Shot"

Coaching in the field enables me to work directly with individuals and small groups on how to use their own gear to take exceptional wildlife photos.

I also schedule online (Skype) sessions to review your photos, and then provide coaching that will improve your capture of both wildlife and nature photos.

Contact me to learn how you can take high quality wildlife photos that will win contests, get published and sell.

MAKING - Learn Better Image Processing to Create Exceptional Photos

Cameras do not "see" what the human eye sees.  Making a great photo requires special processing techniques for wildlife.

I coach wildlife photographers on how to:

  • Process RAW camera images
  • Bring out the highlights
  • Improve the natural tones
  • Non-destructive techniques
  • Special sharpening tips
  • How to reduce and remove noise
  • Process for prints vs web

Every photographer has their own workflow. I teach strategies, tips and techniques that you can use in your own process to create great wildlife photos.

Contact me to discuss how we can schedule online (Skype) coaching that will allow you to quickly make professional quality wildlife photos that get noticed.


MARKETING - How you can Get Noticed, Generate Traffic and Get Recognized

"Building it" does not mean that anyone will come, or find your great work.

I have over 30 years marketing experience with the largest Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses.

I share my experiences and expertise to help photographers build their digital marketing presence to get recognized, published and to sell photos + services.

Contact me to schedule online (Skype) coaching related to customized marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web site design & optimization
  • Keywords and tagging
  • Which social media and WHY
  • Social media strategies
  • Blogs and other syndication

Marketing is NOT just a photo web site ... You must create your own opportunities!


SHARING - How we can Network to Trade-out services and Photography Experiences

I've been very fortunate to be able to travel around the world on business and discover many great photographic experiences.

I am now very interested in networking with other wildlife photographers who are interested in "trade-outs" or swaps.  I have already had successful trade-outs for safaris in Africa, Costa Rica and India.

We all have our own areas of expertise, and special places based upon our experiences.

Contact me if you are interested in collaborating on a trade-out / sharing for:

  • Wildlife photographic safaris
  • Tours focused on photography
  • Unique photographic locations
  • Workshop or photo opportunities
  • Services related to photography
  • Marketing collaboration