Prints - Canvas, Paper, Acrylic and Metal

When purchasing a print you are investing in art, and the artist.  We both expect exceptional quality.


Ordering Prints from Labs on this Web Site

Prints may be ordered for all photographs found on this web site.  There are several high quality labs to choose from as you view the photos.  You can choose your lab and media online, and they will process your order and ship prints directly to you.  However, the lab printing services associated with this site only offer prints in "standard" crop formats. 

When viewing one of my photos in a "pop-up" window from a printing lab on this site, a particular image may not fit their cropping guide.   As a result the image will become distorted, or parts of the photo will be chopped off entirely.  If this happens, contact me and I can work with you on options to customize a size and print in any format for your needs.  See example below.   

Not Gonna Happen!Not Gonna Happen!

Custom Prints from the Artist

I crop and compose my images to fit the scene and subject, not to fit a particular size of paper.  A good example is the panoramic cropped photo of springbok above. This panoramic (4:1) fits the scene and subject, but will NOT print as a standard 16 x 20 photo.

The panoramic style photos can definitely be printed!  These style of prints create a very dramatic piece of art because of the unusual format.  

I will personally work with you to custom print any of my photos in any style, format or size (including standard print sizes).  I have personal experience with many professional labs that print custom sizes.  In addition I have my own professional quality printer that will produce exceptional quality and long lasting prints in any size, on a variety of papers and canvas.

Printing exceptional quality wildlife art requires meticulous attention to detail and understanding of the print process, medium and format.  Contact me for customized prints in any style, size or format.